Serviced Offices


Instant Offices needed a multi-lingual website to support their international offices using Sitecore CMS (Content Management System). Improvements to an existing CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to interface with the external website ware also required.

A number of new features were required in the website to deliver a highly scalable and efficient CMS.


Website Requirements

  • A multi-lingual website initially supporting English, French, German & Spanish and customization of User Interfaces based on the requirements of the country offices.
  • An improved Sitecore Content Management System (CMS) for the back-office to manage the end-user content and language based listings of the properties available on the website.
  • A highly scalable and efficient website to handle the high volume of traffic from all over the world.

CRM Requirements

  • Develop and improve the CMS Interfaces to interact with the main website to receive content from the CRM so the property listings are available on the website based on the CRM updates.
  • Securely enable the website to interact with internal CRM, and enable back-office employees to control the listing updates on the website using CRM rather than the website interface.
  • Securely enable scheduled updates of the main components of the Website to leave the main control in the CRM.


  • Sitecore, a very popular CMS was used for the website.
  • Admin interface enables multi-lingual updates of the website and also interface changes for the offices in various countries.
  • A seamless & secure information exchange happens between the internal CRM and external website.
  • A cohesive, scalable and efficient website that enables the clients to run their international business in a very controlled environment from UK.

Technologies used are – Sitecore v8 CMS, C#, MVC, Web API, Entity Framework, AngularJS, Bootstrap 4, MS SQL Server.


International Businesses need to customize their websites and offerings keeping in mind the cultural and regional requirements of various countries. Management of International organizations need to have an overview of the business at a high-level and a defined control at the low level to propagate & protect business at the same time.

EYE3 has combined all these elements to provide a great solution for the success of Instant Offices internationally.