Test Laboratory


Eye3 was approached for helping with development & improvement of a Software System that will help running a big Test Laboratory.
Test Laboratories have a complex set of processes that need custom application development to run the business efficiently.

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System Requirements

  • A highly efficient and responsive User Interface was required to deal with a huge number of test records in the lab.
  • Various processes from receiving of the test samples, check-in samples for testing, testing & incubation, results, dispatch, reports and many more that are required to run a test laboratory efficiently.
  • An extensive admin back-end for managing the tests, users, companies, inventory, orders, invoicing with an extended searching using grid system and background loading of data.
  • A Resource Planning application was also implemented for management.

Interface Requirements

  • Test Labs use a number of incubators and machines to test the samples. A number of interfaces were designed to read the data straight from machines removing the manual feeding of results.
  • Interfaces were also developed for external suppliers and providers including courier companies to gauge the resource and workload requirements and remove the manual feeding of test samples received into the systems.

Live Monitoring Requirements

  • A live monitoring of the workload & collection bookings was designed and implemented to run on LEDs to keep a live check on the efficiency, and help the testing staff plan the day work.


  • A custom application to run the Test Laboratory was designed.
  • Complex requirements for defining various type of laboratory tests were simplified for the end users managing the tests in the system.
  • A dynamic interfacing application has been delivered that is scalable with a framework that enables easy development of future requirements.

Technologies used are –C#, MVC, Web API, Entity Framework, Angular, Bootstrap, MS SQL Server.


Test laboratories have complex business processes that cannot be handled by off-shelf products. And the wider the spectrum of tests that are offered, the wider is the complexity of handling them in a single system. But the key to the success if test laboratories is a system that clearly shows workload to the testing staff, removes manual interventions in testing as much as possible, and enables management to control the processes and have a correct overview of the business.

EYE3 has delivered a secure & efficient system to run the Test Laboratory that interfaces with other systems and can also be easily extended for future requirements.